We hope you got a chance to check out the first day of Maker Camp yesterday. Launching something with that many moving parts, and multiple Web streams, on two coasts, is a challenge, but we’re really happy with how it all turned out, and from the response we’ve gotten, our newly registered virtual campers thought so too. We think we’re off to a great start.

The camp launch was literally a launch, with the theme of rockets. We had some fun rocketry demos from within the amazing Great Hall at the NY Hall of Science. The day’s Expert Counselor was Rick Schertle, creator of the air rocketry project featured in the School’s Out special issue of MAKE. He showed how to build and launch air-powered rockets. Rick, MAKE’s Matt Richardson, and the rest of crew had a fun time launching rockets into the rafters of the Great Hall, 80′ above them.

During the segment, Rick posed a challenge to the campers: create a recovery system for an air rocket (they’re tumble/crash recovery now). Design a parachute system, or perhaps a helicopter or glider recovery. So, we issue the same challenge here. If you accept the challenge and design something, put it on your G+ page and tag it #MakerCamp. You can post videos, images, and how-to instructions — we’d love to see any evidence of your build.

And what is this Maker Camp I’m talking about? This landing page will give you the skinny.