Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 16: Epilog Laser, Repair Friendly

Epilog Laser has been around since 1988, manufacturing small and medium size laser engraving systems. The type of machines they produce are CO2 and FiberMark lasers which range in price from the low cost Zing (starting at $7,995) all they way up to their industrial FiberMark laser ($30,000 for a 10 watt system). These machines are capable of working with a wide range of materials, from cutting and etching acrylic to engraving on various types of metals.

We have an Epilog Mini 24 Laser (60 watt model) here at MAKE Labs that is several years old and it has been a workhorse. We’ve pulled the laser apart several times to do a complete cleaning and alignment of the system, as well as to fix the power supply. Each time, we were amazed at how well the machine was put together and how easy it is to swap any components, such as the laser itself.

For easy of repair and a design mindful of same, we nominate Epilog Laser for the 2012 Makey Awards in the Repair Friendly category.


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