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@Adafruit visits @Bre Pettis @MakerBot store in NYC (video)

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Today Ladyada and I visited the new MakerBot store in NYC. Video above, (photos here). Great location, and it was packed in waves, even on a Sunday. MakerBot has MakerBot-made designs for sale in the store, as well as community-made models. All the designers were contacted and compensated for their participation. If you’re keeping score on retail 3D printer shops: MakerBot was the only retail store in the USA devoted to 3D printing, but that did not last long. Today I saw that California now has a 3D printer retail store that is selling a $600 3D printer (update: the printer is $850). Ladyada and I are considering making a 3D printing kit, still doing research. :)

14 thoughts on “@Adafruit visits @Bre Pettis @MakerBot store in NYC (video)

  1. That’s really slick, regardless of all the recent noise. I do wish them the best on that.

    That said, in the context of recent events, I don’t think there could be a better time for a new (affordable) printer project from Adafruit. I mentioned you guys by name when talking to a friend about how an appropriate, high profile, oss/hw friendly company should step up and capitalize, asap. I’m sure that’s not why you guys were interested in the idea, but still…

    1. @Diego Spinola – you’re free to comment here, you just did – this is the first and original post. limor and i disabled comments on the youtube video after there was personal attacks and cursing.

      do you have something constructive and positive you’d like to discuss here or with me directly? pt@makezine.com

      1. Define “personal attacks”. Because I’ve just looked at the comments on one of her previous posts – you know, the one where she decided to throw her support behind someone’s blog post calling the people complaining about MakerBot terrorists – and judging from the comments of mine that were deleted, it appears pointing out that the supposedly “fundamentalist” language used to describe describe Bre Pettis and MakerBot is identical to the way he used the MakerBot blog attacked a hobbyist and newcomer who wasn’t open enough with their MakerBot-based design.

        Of course, calling large swathes of the maker and open hardware communities terrorists and fundamentalists apparently isn’t a personal attack. Perhaps they don’t count as people or something?

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