Replicator 2

Replicator 2 OSHW?

MakerBot’s Mixed Messages About Open Source, Their Future

In the wake of MakerBot’s Replicator 2 announcement, there has been a lot of discussion and questioning about the open source status of the company’s offerings. The MakerWare software used to control both the new printer and the original Replicator is available for download now. It is clearly closed source, even though it contains some open source software, and instead of being open source, they are offering a developer program.

Mini Review of the Replicator 2

Mini Review of the Replicator 2

The Makerbot Replicator 2 is just that, a second generation of MakerBot’s wildly popular Replicator 3D printer, now faster, quieter, and more rigid than the original. “Hand assembled in Brooklyn, NY,” the Replicator 2 sports a sleek black metal and PVC case, oil-impregnated bronze linear bearings, a larger build volume, and faster printing times. The upgrades make what was already a fantastic machine, even butter. But the improvements do come at an increased cost that could be a deal breaker for some buyers.