A Fine Example of Dead Bug Style Circuit Wiring

“Dead bug style” circuit wiring is the cute name for soldering together components without a printed circuit board. The “dead bug” is the integrated circuit flipped upside down with its “legs” sticking up.

Over at the Dangerous Prototypes forum, a maker shows off his dead bug skills, which he used to solder a Little Wire:

My level of boredom was not enough to actually etch a PCB for it so I did a freeform version of it. With a fine tip on the soldering iron, 0.4 mm solder, a stereo microscope and a hour or two of soldering and bending wires even an old fart like me can get the parts together without a PCB.

(A Little Wire is a USBtiny compatible AVR programmer.)

14 thoughts on “A Fine Example of Dead Bug Style Circuit Wiring

  1. This style of circuit building is also known as “ugly construction,” but that name certainly wouldn’t apply here. Excellent work.

  2. While the style certainly looks neat, never underestimate the utility of a ground plane. (Something I’ve learned the hard way with op-amps suddenly oscillating out of control without one.)

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