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Mint a Menta with Weekend Projects

Later this week we’ll be giving away three Mintronics: Menta kits. This Adafruit-designed kit features an ATmega328 microcontroller. There’s a complex prototyping area consisting of rails, rows, and many pad-per-holes, making it a convenient space for building out all types of circuits. The prototyping area is also big enough to house a mini solderless breadboard. Or you could easily plug your Arduino shield into the board.

As you can see, this kit is designed with flexibility in mind.  So how do you enter to win one of the three of these kits we’re giving away?

Simply sign up below for the Weekend Projects newsletter, our bi-weekly newsletter of beginner-friendly electronics projects, from battery-less radios to Arduino-driven touchless 3D tracking interfaces. The next newsletter will be sent out this Thursday, Oct. 18th. The newsletter will contain a simple cipher that you must solve to enter to win. It really is that easy and I hope whoever wins uses this awesome kit to make a weekend project of their own!

Please note: this giveaway will be open to US residents only.

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24 thoughts on “Mint a Menta with Weekend Projects

    1. That’ll score you brownie points, but you’ll still have to solve the cipher to enter to win!

    1. Hi R Lee, Sorry I didn’t clarify, but there will actually be more than 24 hours for anyone to get the newsletter, solve the cipher, and submit their answer. We will randomly draw from the pool of correct answers. The process will be ironed out in the newsletter. So breathe deep, it sounds like you’re a potential contender!

    2. Hi R Lee, The newsletter just went out. Sorry for the delay – go figure the one day I commit to a contest in a newsletter and my Internet modem goes kaputz! Good luck with the contest.

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