Patrick Hood-Daniel and MAKE friend James Floyd Kelly are developing a DIY laser cutter and marketing it via a Kickstarter campaign.

While laser cutters share many similarities to CNC machines and 3D printers (mainly in motors that control movement or software/electronics that define where to cut, mill, print, etc.), the one thing they don’t share is a low price. It is still quite difficult for most DIYers to afford their own laser cutter, and that’s unfortunate as a laser cutter is one of the best tools for making precision cuts and prototyping.

There are many laser cutters available today, but even the smallest models available from the Big Names in the industry can easily run $5000 or higher. While small businesses can often afford the initial cost of a laser cutter for specialty products, hobbyists and small shop owners (especially companies operating on a shoestring budget) take big risks putting out such large amounts for a single tool. For some reason, the costs of laser cutters just has not dropped to match the drop in prices of 3D printers and CNC machines.

Until now.

Check it out! You can get a kit to assemble your own laser cutter for just $1,500!