Read MAKE magazine: Volume 32Down a dusty road in the eggs-and-butter town of Petaluma, Calif., sits a big, handmade pink Victorian complete with chicken coop, storage containers, vintage cars, and Shawn Thorsson’s badass workshop, where he brings characters from tabletop games, video games, and the occasional movie to life. Check out the profile interview, along with a catalog of 16 of his amazing costumes, and a workshop spread with tool callouts in the new issue of MAKE, Volume 32.

And check out this slideshow to step inside Thorsson’s workshop for a closer look:

[make_slideshow slug=”step-inside-shawn-thorssons-workshop” title=”Shawn Thorsson’s Workshop” link=”Start the slideshow”]

MAKE Volume 32: Design for Makers

Forget duct tape and baling wire — now makers can design and manufacture things as beautiful as Apple and as slick as Dyson. We’ll show you how to conceive and visualize great-looking projects with our speed course in industrial design.

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