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Lego iPad Stand

Jason Devine of Ireland wrote in with another project by his two sons, ages 11 and 9. Last time they built a clenching Lego hand. This time, Jason challenged his kids to make an iPad stand with as few bricks as possible. Check out the boys’ website for more projects.

16 thoughts on “Lego iPad Stand

    1. Hi Jake Lee, no it worked very well, I use it most days to hook up to my sound system as well as at the mac- It works perfectly- try it out!
      I will pass on your kind comments.

  1. Brilliant! Well done guys.

    I’ll admit this was a palm-face moment for me. I’ve had an iPhone for years and all of that time I’ve been thinking of how to stand it up properly by my bedside at night. All my thoughts had gravitated towards complex forms and materials.

    Lego. So simple. Instantly modifiable. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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