Do you want to add a simple wireless remote control to your Arduino projects without spending a bundle? The Minty Mote Kit (available in the Maker Shed) can be used for door bells, basic home automation, a simple robot controller and more. The transmitter is sized to fit into an Altoids gum tin. You can add up to 4 buttons to send 4 different commands, or combine button presses to send up to 15 commands to your Arduino!

The MintyMote Kit includes two parts; the transmitter unit and a receiver shield that fits on your Arduino. The system has a range of about 80 feet. The included Arduino library makes programming a snap. If you are looking for a low cost, Arduino compatible remote control, look no further!


  • Up to 4 buttons can control up to 15 functions on your Arduino.
  • Connect to your computer to add remote control to your desktop.
  • Decent range (80ft, depending on walls etc).
  • Fits into an Altoids Smalls tin.
  • Includes transmitter AND receiver.
  • (Gum tin and A23 battery not included.)