As makers, we love doing things with our hands. Why should our video games be any different? Sifteo Cubes blend technology, fun, and tactile interactivity into a a classic block style form factor. The Cubes are sensitive to movement, human touch, and proximity to one another creating a unique, physical gaming experience. Playing with Sifteo is highly addictive because it is unlike other handheld gaming systems. People of all ages can pick up a Sifteo and intuitively learn how to play in a matter of minutes.

Sifteo Cubes include 3 blocks with 4 included games that are both fun and educational. The Cubes communicate wirelessly to the included base which can be stand alone, or be hooked up to your computer to download new games. The base distributes the games to each cube and contains speakers for audio. Just tilt, stack, shake, tap, and move the blocks to experience the fun. Add more Cubes later to expand the possibilities and share the excitement. With new games being developed and a freely downloadable SDK, the potential is nearly infinite!

Sifteo Cubes available in the Maker Shed just in time for the Holidays. Pick up a set for the game or puzzle oriented maker in your life.