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Arduino Esplora Video Game

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It’s the project the Arduino Esplora seemingly was designed to create: a handheld video game. Mike Barela added a 1.8″ display from Adafruit, and adapted the code created by another maker named R0D0T.

I was looking for a game that was more than the basics to show off the Esplora + Display combo. I found R0D0T’s code and with accelerometer, music, and display, it was a great match. As I use the Arduino IDE, I merged the code, changed the display library to Adafruit’s, and recreated a couple library routines that R0D0T had used but had no Adafruit equivalent. Then I had to map the buttons (which required Esplora library calls), and the accelerometer (which I originally used hardware but changed over to library calls). I mapped the SPI interface to the display and it worked! Some small tweeks to color and alignment but it is basically still R0D0T’s original (a tribute to his ninja-coding).

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  1. John, thanks for the article. I have been working on Esplora projects since Radio Shack started selling them after Christmas. First it was engineering the undocumented display header. I added an XBee via that, then figured out the pinout was compatible with the Adafruit display without mods. Then I used the wireless Esplora to control a robotic head. Then I looked for a compatible game and this is where R0d0t’s previous work with such a cool game made it a great candidate to port. The series of articles is on the same blog

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