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Make Your Own Toy Sculpting Wax


I took the Make: Believe crew back to see our favorite action-figure sculptor, Scott Hensey (see our first interview with him on our YouTube channel) and this time we got to talk to him about his toy sculpting wax he uses.

Scott was more than happy to share with us his own personal sculpting wax recipe he has crafted over the years. He also shows us a few tricks on how to to cast with wax properly, and some finishing techniques.

Here is the “Scott Hensey Toy Wax Recipe”

  • 240 grams of Carnauba
  • 240 grams of Candelilla
  • 60 grams of Bee wax
  • 1350 grams of Paraffin wax
  • 1500 grams of Talc
  • ? Red, ? Brown, ? White Crayons for color: Come up with your own color!!

Scott is currently purchasing his ingredients through

I’m making my first batch up this weekend. I ordered through the website and it came to around $57 for ingredients and shipping. It should be almost enough to cast up an entire 1/6 scale figure I’m working on.

Let me know if you make it yourself!

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  1. I haven’t tried to mix my own wax, but did have good luck with Monster Clay. I would describe it as closer to wax than clay. It holds detail well, melts at a non-scalding temperature, and is re-useable. I made a plaster cast for a latex mask using that particular product. This links to where you can buy one, but I’m mostly just wanting to share my results with folks interested in the process:

    – James B

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