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MAKE at the Game Developers Conference


MAKE_Conference_Badge_GDCI’m here at Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week and will be bringing you the inside scoop on the latest game tech and toys through the eyes of a maker. I’ll be on the lookout for game tech you can hack and mod for your next project. What games are entering the education space or appealing to the DIY audience? What are the next big trends in physical gaming and gestural interfaces? What technologies are blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds?

I’ll be following up with NeuroSky, the simple but effective mind-reading game controller I covered last year, and trying out the Unreal-based game Throw Trucks with your Mind.

I’ll also be talking to the developers of Sandboxr, a new app for easily posing and 3D-printing game characters. They’re looking to introduce the creative potential of 3D printing to kids and gamers.

I’ll also be looking out for any emerging VR technologies, like Oculus Rift, gestural interface controllers, like the promising Leap Motion, and the inevitable Kinect hacks that will be populating the Expo floor starting tomorrow.

If you hear about anything at GDC that you’d like for me to track down and report on, just leave a message in the comments.

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  1. Hey Blake — the Sifteo booth is #238 in the Expo area near the Independent Games Festival, I invite you to stop by! Our SDK is a free download that gives developers the same access to the hardware that our internal team has, and we’re showcasing some super-creative new games by indie developers that just launched on the Sifteo Cubes platform – everyone who walks up to the booth can give them a try, get inspired, and learn more about developing.

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