DiResta: Leather Pants

In each bi-monthly episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday at 2pm PST), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy. On this episode of DiResta, Jimmy fashions himself a badass pair of leather-aproned work pants. -Gareth Branwyn




  • Levi’s 505 jeans
  • Waxed leather
  • Scotch blue tape


  • Juki sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Razor
  • Seam splitter

Jimmy’s Notes:

Five or six years ago, I began experimenting with the creation of work pants. I don’t like the pants that are available on the market. I find Levi’s 505s the best fit for me. My pants wear out most at the top of the thigh, above the knee, and at the edge of the pockets. I began to sew leather patches onto the thighs and found that I could add extra pockets behind these protective patches if I left the top seam open. This is useful because I can have different pockets for my phone, wallet, various tools I use in a typical day. The leather also goes down over the knee. Having just one layer of leather at the knee helps a huge amount when kneeling on hard ground. My girlfriend and I have made several variations. The pair I make in this video is the best design we’ve come up with so far. I have applied for two patents.

15 thoughts on “DiResta: Leather Pants

  1. you rock man. i really enjoy your videos. ive got a pair of carhartt double knees that are shot. id love to add some leather. im looking for a used juki. what model should i look for that will enable me to sew leather, heavy canvas, and rubber tire tubes?

    1. thank you ! if it is on a table like you see mine, it is an industrial , strong enough, next one up would be a “walking foot” very strong with mechanical moving foot

  2. Is Jimmy’s full name “Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash)”? What are all those extra words?

      1. Awesome, if even just so you can say you have a patent on your crotch! Keep the films coming please! They are the main thing I come to look at Make for these days I must admit.


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