Let the RoboGames Begin

RoboGames Combat
A knockout occurs at the 2009 RoboGames as the crowd looks on in fear and awe.

The 10th annual RoboGames, the “Olympics of Robotics,” comes to the San Mateo County Expo Center April 19-21.

What can you expect at RoboGames? Here’s how the organizers put it:

Celebrate 10 great years of RoboGames history with hundreds of your
closest friends from all around the world as they bash, crash, smash and
elegantly configure their autonomous navigation programs to triumph in
over 50 different robotic sporting events. This year there are
contestants from 20 different countries, competing in 60 events!

Tiny robot sumo wrestlers, heavyweight combat bots, fire fighting
machines, kung-fu androids, robot hockey and everything in between! See
the sights, cheer for your favorites, and explore the robot midway with
stunning wares to suit any robot-loving inclination.

Also: flame throwers and explosive carnage.

I’ll be down in San Mateo to catch as much of the action as I can and share it with you all right here on the blog. There are quite a few events (everything from combat and fire-fighting to ribbon climbing and weight lifting), and I won’t be able to see everything, so please let me know what I should check out with a comment below. highlights from last year, courtesy of yehsk8rz.

Buy tickets before April 14, and save 20 percent by using the coupon code
“Maker” at checkout. This code expires on Sunday, so use it before the
week of the event, when you’ll be charged full price.

6 thoughts on “Let the RoboGames Begin

  1. Be sure to come check out my heavyweight robot “Super Fluffy Pink Bunny from the land of candy and rainbows”

    1. I’ll keep my eye out for it! A heavyweight Fluffy Pink Bunny bot shouldn’t be too hard to spot, I hope :)

  2. is this what became of BattleBots? I’ve been wondering why that didn’t come back, I thought it was great!

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