At the end of the 300 block of Center Street in Oakland, Calif., otherwise sparsely lined with drab residential houses, sits the shell of the old Lehnus iron foundry. Once alive with production, times changed and the building sat uninhabited for years. Today, behind the industrial roll-up steel doors and wrought iron fencing lays the unexpected: the beginnings of a powerful paradigm shift in the art world.

MAKE Volume 34: Join the robot uprising! As MAKE's Volume 34 makes clear, there’s never been a better time to delve into robotics, whether you’re a tinkerer or a more serious explorer. With the powerful tools and expertise now available, the next great leap in robot evolution is just as likely to come from your garage as a research lab. The current issue of MAKE will get you started. Explore robot prototyping systems, ride along with the inventors of the OpenROV submersible, and learn how you can 3D-print your own cutting-edge humanoid robot for half the price. Plus, build a coffee-can Arduino robot, a lip balm linear actuator, a smartphone servo controller, and much more

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