cityscapeDS-05-1024x858“Humans have just landed on an Earth-like alien planet. They’ve staked out an area for the capital, City X, and have sent back a 3D map of the location with many challenges to be solved by their engineers on Earth, a vast team of young designers all around the world.”

comingtobayareamakerfaire_2013The San Francisco-based City X Project is developing a free, open toolkit for educators to run 3D-printing-based design workshops in classrooms all over the world. Sponsored by 3D Systems, their workshop tasks kids to design and model practical solutions for a group of fictional characters inhabiting “City X,” the first human colony on another world. Besides the free curriculum materials, they hope to develop the project into a touring art installation featuring a 3D-printed model of the growing city as it is expanded by children working all over the world.

The City X Project