MAKE Asks: is a weekly column where we ask you, our readers, for responses to maker-related questions. We hope the column sparks interesting conversation and is a way for us to get to know more about each other.

This week’s question: We’ve all had teachers along the way that have inspired us. How has a teacher (or teachers) inspired you as a maker?

My High School physics teacher, Al Levik, was a former aeronautical engineer who dropped out of the industry because he was sick of helping to build killing machines. However, his real-world experience infused his teaching style with practical examples of the concepts he put across.

For our final project in AP Physics, the students were given carte blanche for final projects. A few students built potato guns, but I decided to rewire a gutted electric guitar I had sitting at home. Al was a guitarist himself, and was really into the project. He helped me lay out the schematic, and taught me the finer points of soldering. I’m forever grateful for it.

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