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Space Palette – Music and Visuals in One Fluid Motion



comingtobayareamakerfaire_2013Space Palette is a fun instrument that combines visual and musical outputs. It works by waving your hands inside the holes of a wooden frame that looks a bit like an Atomic Age television screen of some sort. The movements are captured using a Kinect. Depending on the location and depth of your hand, different sounds and projected swirling and multicolored visuals are generated. San Jose maker Tim Thompson says that his favorite thing when watching others use the Space Palette is when a non-musician realizes they can make music so simply, without any training.

The interface is quite compelling. I myself had the urge to go up and try to “paint” in the empty holes with my  hands. Tim is set up here at Maker Faire Bay Area this year (May 18 & 19), in Fiesta Hall, so be sure to stop by, say hello, and try out the Space Palette.



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