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A couple of years ago we featured a project by Mike Knuepfel called the Keyboard Frequency Sculpture. Laura Cochrane wrote:

I like the physical, visual representation of data. If done well, it can forever change the way a person thinks about and understands something.
So, I think this keyboard frequency sculpture by Mike Knuepfel is neat. It depicts which keyboard keys are used most frequently, with the height of the key proportional to how often it has been used. I would love to see this sculpture in reverse, with the least-used keys the tallest and the most-used keys creating the deepest indentations.

Today Intel tweeted this image, with the caption “Which keyboard keys are used the most? Hint: We like the blue ones.”

The likeness is certainly undeniable. What are your thoughts? Is this a case of parallel development, use without attribution, copyright infringement, or even downright theft? Please let us know in the comments section.


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