All of us at MAKE would like to wish a happy 5th birthday to, the nonprofit organization behind the popular open source embedded Linux boards which include the BeagleBoard, the BeagleBone and the newest addition to the family, the BeagleBone Black.

The organization’s founders, Jason Kridner and Gerald Coley are Texas Instruments employees who came up with the idea to create open source development boards using TI’s processors. Five years later, their products have become a popular choice for roboticists, artists, makers, and engineers alike. With over 100,000 boards shipped in five years and almost half of that number from the new BeagleBone Black, it’s clear there’s a bright future ahead for

If the celebration puts you in the mood for a walk down memory lane, check out all our past content related to the BeagleBone. And happy 5th birthday,! Though, I guess in dog years, it would be 35, wouldn’t it?