Open House Press Pics 2

Conceptual artist Matthew Mazzotta recently completed an inspirational public art project in the town of York, Ala., called Open House. Built as a community project in collaboration with the Coleman Center of the Arts and the residents of York, Open House is quite literally a house-like structure that opens up into a 100-seat, open-air theater, free for the community to use for public gatherings like music shows and movie showings. What’s more, all materials that could be salvaged from the run-down, abandoned home that stood in Open House’s lot were used to build this impressive transforming theater.

This is what the house above transforms into:
Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 11.58.02 AM

Pretty impressive considering what used to stand in that lot:
Open house Press pics 5

Check out the transformation:

Here’s a video Matthew made about the entire process of the project:
[vimeo w=629&h=354]