Web Extras, Materials, and Corrections for Volume 34

From Water-to-Wine Cooler

Page 46

Check out the complete project instructions here.


From The Mighty Lip Balm Linear Actuator

Page 78


From Finishing and Post-Processing Your 3D-Printed Objects

Page 88

Check out these finished shots!

From MonoBox Powered Speaker

Page 100

For links to RadioShack part numbers, project schematics, and to comment on the project, check out the full project build.

From Japanese Toolbox

Page 110


From LED Photo Lights

Page 116


From The Dryer Messenger

Page 120


From Give Old Work Jeans New Legs

For more ideas check out Step 5 of the full project build!

From Toy Inventor’s Notebook—Edible Optics

For photos of the build, check out the full project.