By popular demand I’ve resumed my search today for awesomely geeky t-shirts at Maker Faire. Sunday delivered just as much as Saturday, with pithy slogans, Latin text; even a hamster that shoots lasers out of its eyes.

Enjoy this little slice of how much fun Maker Faire can be, and we hope to see you next year.


14 thoughts on “10 More T-Shirts from World Maker Faire NY

    1. You caught me on my way to giving the “Mechanical Artillery 101” lecture.

      As to the translation, well, I visited a friend who is an actual teaching latin scholar. She gave
      the translation on my shirt a C, a C+ if she was in a good mood. (lots of strange word choices, some tense issues, etc Eg: Uses plural of all, but singular of coin, instead of throw, it was send like a letter, and instead of at your head, it was in your head.). Here is it
      re-written, with the rock upsized, instead of mail, hurl with great
      force, and indicating you want more than a single coin.

      Catapultam habeo. Da mihi pecunia omnia Nisi conieciam magnum saxum capite tua.

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