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Learn How to Needle Felt with Woolbuddies + Book Giveaway!


chroniclebooks_125x125_bur1Our friend, master needle felter Jackie Huang, recently came out with an amazing new book, called Woolbuddies. In it, Jackie goes through the basics of how to get started needle felting, and then he shows you how to make animals that are simple, moderate, and challenging. His creatures are so gorgeous — they remind me of cartoon characters. Some of you may remember the tutorial for needle felting a Totoro that Jackie shared with us earlier this year.

Here’s an animated GIF showing how to make Amelia the Owl. Hoo! Hoo!


Book Giveaway!

We are giving away three copies of Woolbuddies to Craft readers! Just comment on this post, naming your favorite animal (real or fictional — and it doesn’t have to be a Woolbuddies character), and we will pick three people at random. One comment per person, please. Good luck! (Begins 10/8/13 at 07:30am PT; ends 10/9/13 at 07:29am PT)


This is a Chronicle Books-sponsored post.

278 thoughts on “Learn How to Needle Felt with Woolbuddies + Book Giveaway!

  1. Can I choose dragon? (The helpful kind, not ones that eat knights.) It’s also a super cute woolbuddy kit I’ve done. WIN.

  2. What a great looking book!! My favourite individual animal has to be my pooch, Zim. For all things decorative (housewares, jewelery, etc) I’ve been really in to birds lately – juncos and owls, specifically.

  3. The book looks like fun, even for a needle-felting beginner like me. I have too many favorite animals to name just one…. but wouldn’t it be fun to try making a needle-felted Flamingo!

  4. I’m a big bird fan (not Big Bird, but a big fan of birds). Owls, peacocks, cardinals, chickens, whathaveyou. and I’ve been wanting to learn needle felting!

  5. I love these little animals. Elephants for us here. I really need some tips to get started with this. That book looks like a great resource. I’m in for sure!

  6. Can’t wait to make some little creatures with my daughter. We will probably start with making a whole bunch cats, which is our favorite animal.

  7. LOVE, LOVE Jackie’s new book WoolBuddies!! Giraffe are my favorite animal. I used to work with them at the zoo. This will be my first project when I get this book!!!!

  8. My favorite animal is kitties! They each have their own personalities, they’re playful, loving, they’re just purrrrrfect! Thank you for having th giveaway, I’m new to needle felting and I would just DIE to win a copy of this fabulous book!

  9. My favourite animal is the cow… especially brown swiss! But honestly I love all animals… even the creepy cute ones like aye ayes.

  10. Baby Tapirs are my favorite animal at the moment, but there are so many amazing creatures out there it is hard to choose just one.

  11. I’ve made felted animals using molds, but never by hand. If i dont pick this up myself i might suggest it to my local library.

    Also: I’m a fan of pigeons. :)

  12. Aww.. lovin’ all these adorable creations! My favorite animal would have to be a leopard or cheetah – love any animal with spots or stripes. This book looks fantastic, one I could share with my kids and bond over trying to replicate the crafts. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  13. This book looks amazing! I’d love to make these for my little one. Ok, I’d love to make these for ME. :) my favorite animal is a monkey!

  14. I love penguins!!!! But it is so hard to list only one – I love owls, dogs, and sea turtles!!! Looks like a great book.

  15. I have been really curious about needle felting. My favorite animal is the dog but, as a spinner, that sheep is really cute!

  16. Giraffe all the way! I would love to learn to Needle Felt… I can do just about every other type of craft but this is a world I have yet to join!

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