The world’s flooded with all kinds of teaching conferences, but not many that give their attendees a chance to literally get their feet wet! Joe Youcha sent us a ship-to-shore telegram about Teaching with Small Boats, which begins today at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. This unique conference takes learning out onto the water. From the overview:

Try the helm of a radio-controlled sailboat, row a St. Ayles skiff, or learn about boat design software at the IT Workshop. Learn strategies for teaching steam bending or oar making.  Build a foil boat and try techniques for teaching about displacement and volume calculations.  Take a look at some indigenous watercraft. Attend a panel discussion about a topic of interest. Be sure to find time to enjoy what Mystic Seaport has to offer; tour the Shipyard and explore the boats in the Mill House.  Take advantage of the event to sharpen your tools, recharge, and catch up with old friends.

Conference attendees get to know the ropes with these intriguing talks and hands-on workshops:

  • Model Boats as Teaching Tools
  • How to Teach Steam Bending
  • Exploring Archimedes Principle with Foil Boats
  • Pilot Gigs & Whaleboats
  • Building & Using SeaPerch ROVs
  • Oarmaking
  • “Marinizing” the Common Core Standards