Join us later today for our fifth installment of Weekend Projects Hangouts On Air. We’ll be chatting with Jay Silver, maker of the “Drawdio” musical pencil and MaKey MaKey musical invention kit.

Also invited to chat with us are two users who were inspired recently to make the Drawdio, including one maker who completed their first electronics project ever. We hope they’ll join us to discuss their stories.

Bounce back here at the scheduled hangout time to watch LIVE or join our event on Google+ to watch and ask Jay any questions.


Drawdio is a simple electronic sound synthesizer built onto a pencil! The Drawdio circuit plays a musical tone with a frequency that varies based on the resistance between two points. When you hold the Drawdio in your hand, your body becomes part of the resistive loop, and you can do all kinds of fun tricks, like draw yourself a piano and play a little tune.

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Every Friday from Oct. 11 – Dec. 20 (except Nov. 29) we’ll be hanging out with makers of Weekend Projects, our beginner-friendly series of electronics builds powered by RadioShack. Join our host and 2012′s Maker Camp Director Nick Raymond, a guest MAKE Editor, and specially invited makers for these fun and informal hangouts.