I just got a Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor robot. It’s your basic everyday killer spider bot, controlled by a 2.4GHz handheld remote, capable of shooting foam rubber projectiles at “enemies.”  It retails for $79.99.  It requires 4 AA batteries for the spider, and 2 AAs for the remote. Since I have sworn to defend mankind against the eventual rise of the killer bots, I determined to convert my killer spiderbot to more peaceful uses.  Removing the snap-off weapons platform

2013-12-11 10.32.41

from the bot leaves you with a payload bay of approximately 4.5 by 2.5 inches;

2013-12-11 10.33.00

large enough for an Arduino,

2013-12-11 10.34.33

a Raspberry Pi,

2013-12-11 10.35.23

a BeagleBone Black,

2013-12-11 10.36.18

or one of the smaller smartphones.

My Galaxy Pocket phone fit perfectly on the payload bay, so I affixed it to the spider with some earthquake putty. I then fired up Ustream on the phone, and turned the killer spider bot into a search/exploration bot, complete with live video feed.

[wpvideo rTm0v71m]

Imagine what you can do with a better camera, or a sensor platform? At least there’s one robot that won’t be joining the uprising against humanity.