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If you’re a fan of sweets, community projects, and stacking things on top of each other, then you’ll be hard pressed to find anything not to like about a new project by Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels called Sugar Metropolis. So, you might as well go ahead and support their kickstarter campaign to bring their project to the Sugar Hill building in New York City this summer.

Every visitor to the Sugar Hill building will be invited to participate in the creation of this large-scale sugar cube sculpture installation. The concept is to create an imaginary ‘city of the future’, a sweet metropolis of over half a million sugar cubes, all sparkling under the lights with a sense of wonder and magic. Over the period of 4 weeks, each visitor will be invited to contribute to the building of this freestanding artwork. The finished construction will then remain on show for a further 4 weeks.

[via Archie McPhee]

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