MAKE is excited to partner up with Intel for a brand new series of Maker Sessions all about Getting Started with Intel Galileo. This 3 week program will engage teams of makers around the world to participate in making using Galileo, Intel’s brand new Arduino-compatible development board featuring Intel architecture. Along with a few Master Makers, I’ll lead weekly session via Google+ Hangout where we’ll talk about the tools and techniques to build with the platform. We’ll start with the basics of the board and then dive into inputs, outputs, its Linux underpinnings and creating connected devices. We’ll also be sharing team projects, culminating with a live show-and-tell of the most creative builds from the participating teams.

We’re recruiting teams of makers to get involved now. Whether you’re brand new to Galileo or already know your way around the board, we want to hear from you. Selected teams will receive a free package of tons useful components, parts and materials to help you get started. The kit includes a motor shield, breadboard, LCD display, and much more. Of course, you’ll also get an Intel Galileo board and a digital copy of my book, Getting Started with Intel Galileo. The program officially launches on March 20th, 2014, but we’re eager to get teams of makers involved now. See our Eventbrite page to sign up now!

I’m certainly looking forward to getting started! Until then, I encourage you to brainstorm what you’ll create with Galileo, and I invite you to take a look in our archives to see our previous Maker Sessions: Robot Hacks and Urban Sensor Hacks.