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This post is coming to you live from Maker Faire UK being held this weekend at the Life Science Centre here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

It wouldn’t be a British Maker Faire without Daleks, and it wouldn’t be a Dalek without the Dalek voice, and sure enough they’re pretty much the first thing you’ll see—and hear—when you arrive at Maker Faire UK here in Newcastle.

I spoke to Wayne—from Northern Charity Daleks and SciPhonix—about the the Ironside Dalek, which appeared in the ‘Victory of the Daleks‘ episode, that they’ve brought here to Maker Faire, and what he thinks makes for a good Dalek. Because, despite invading Earth on multiple occasions—and being the Doctor‘s mortal enemy—the Daleks have earned a soft spot for themselves in British popular culture. Or as they’d say it… “Exterminate!”

We’ve given the Dalek a voice. I personally think that the voice is most of the effect really, the Dalek can be held together with Gaffer tape, Duck tape, or whatever, but if it sounds right then that’s half the battle…

Northern Charity Daleks raises money throughout the year for Children in Need, Grace House Children’s Hospice, and the Heel & Toe Children’s Charity and are available to do charity events around the UK. The Dalek voice modulator used by Wayne will be available for sale later this year from SciPhonix, but you’ve got a chance to try them out first, here at Maker Faire UK.