With the back alleys of a warehouse industrial park as the perfect setting for a Death Star reenactment, Rodger Cleye has built a growing fleet of DIY X-Wing and TIE Fighters to zoom around in wonderful, off-balance multirotor flight.

The X1 TIE Fighter is his latest YouTube creation. Its design is based on an H-copter multirotor configuration, using 1200W motors and 12″ props coupled to a PVC frame. He explains in the video description that the overweight setup requires each motor to pull almost 1 HP.


His X-Wing also features a PVC frame with a massive 5′ wingspan, and uses a tri-rotor setup with 850W motors and 12″ props. It’s a bit loose as it hovers around the lot, but should stabilize more if and when he brings down the 19lb weight of the airframe.

Keep an eye for TIE/X-Wing chase footage as soon as he has trained a second pilot.