Pensacola Hackerspace Devastated By Flooding

On the night of Tuesday, April 29th in Pensacola Florida, nearly 20 inches of rain fell. The result was the worst flooding in the area for the last 30 years. When the members of ECC Makers visited their hackerspace, they found nearly 40 inches of flood water, damaging tools, supplies, and infrastructure.


Insurance simply wasn’t an option at this point as the group hadn’t finished the non-profit process yet. Everything is a complete loss. The group is asking for donations both financially and in time. They note that since they are not a non-profit yet, the donations will not be tax deductable, but if you wish to contribute, you can via the paypal button at the bottom of their page. You can also donate tools or equipment, they’ve published a list of what was lost.


While money may be helpful to them, donations of time can also help considerably. Cleaning up the mess after a flood can be very time and labor intensive. If you wish to contact them to get further details, you can do so on their page.


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