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Disc Golf Goal From Hardware Store Parts


Disk golf is an incredibly fun sport, but unfortunately many simply don’t have access to a disk golf course. Luckily, they’re not too difficult to build, as you can see in this instructable that takes you through the entire process of building one from hardware store parts for roughly $75.  The parts list isn’t very long:

  •  5 Feet of 2″ PVC
  • 40 Feet of 2/0 Passing Link Chain (Straight Link can be used but I preferred the passing)
  • 3x 3″ PVC Closet Flange (also called Toilet Flange)
  • 3x 2″ to 3″ PVC Step Down Bushing
  • 6x eye bolts
  • 18x S-Hooks
  • 4x Hex Bolts 1/4″ x 2″
  • 4x Carriage Bolts 1/4″ x 1″
  • 14x 1/4″x20 nuts and lock washers
  • 1x piece of wood 3′ square 1/2″ thick
  • 1x round trash can lid that measures about 22″ diameter
  • 1x planting basket that is about 26″ diameter and about 6-7″ deep (I found in the garden section)
  • 1x heavy umbrella stand
  • About 40″ of airline tubing

If you follow his steps you should end up with a perfectly functional disc golf goal to practice on at home, or even drag to the park! The creator of this instructable has commented on some updates he would do, now that he’s had it in operation for a year.

  1. Reinforce where the hooks go through the top trashcan lid. A few have pulled through due to hard use.
  2. Add a piece of plywood under the bottom container to prevent it from getting saggy in the sun.

The great thing about this is how little you have to work with tools. An inventive person might be able to figure out how to build one of these purely with off-the shelf parts, no cutting or drilling required!


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