Have a little helper in your sewing room? Make crafting time even more fun with this fantastic tutorial for making an awesome toy cardboard sewing machine from Cassie at Little Red Window!

O has always been really interested in my sewing machine. The minute I turn the light on it’s mesmerizing to him. I mean, when you think about it, it totally makes sense, a sewing machine is totally made of things little boys love–lots of buttons, moving parts, sharp things… Of course we have lots of talks about how he can’t touch it because it’s sharp and dangerous, but a couple weeks ago when I had it out, for the first time he asked me when he could use it. I don’t think he’s quite ready to do it even with complete supervision, but hopefully we can try soon. (Although I think I said he could do it when he turns 5 because I didn’t want him to think when I said, “maybe when you’re older” that I meant tomorrow and then have him ask me five million times…)

Anyway, of course the next thought was that he needed his own sewing machine!


A cardboard sewing machine is a great option for curious kids that are a bit too young for moving parts and real needles, and it looks so good that even I want to play with it. (Really, is there anything a cardboard box and a little imagination can’t do?!)

Make one today! Click here to see how it’s done.