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Does your car need a new paint job? Have you consider skipping the paint and reaching for the popcorn instead? That’s what a student at The Braunschweig University of Art in Germany seems to have done to a Volkswagen, spotted by artist Jacob Aaron Schroeder on a recent visit.


Despite the fact that the real marvel here isn’t so much that the car is covered in popcorn, but that the car isn’t covered in vermin grabbing a quick snack, it’s amazing how well the popcorn has held up as an effective and intriguing coating.


Considering that the popcorn was apparently adhered to the car by simply using a hot glue gun, I’d love to see how this car looks after about 6 months of wear and tear, or better yet, I’d love to see all that popcorn preserved under a coat of varnish or resin. I’m just convinced that there must be so many more potentially great popcorn covered projects out there just waiting to happen!

[via Lustik]

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