We get tons of emails about cool crowdfunding projects. There’s no way we could write about all of them individually, so we thought we would collect a few to share with you. These are in no particular order and are all currently active.


Nomiku #2

The first one was a big hit. The new one ads some nice upgrades like wireless connectivity. We’ve watched them grow from the very beginning and absolutely love what they’ve done.

See on Kickstarter


Blink: Wire free home monitoring and alert system

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“Blink is a Kickstarter to watch because it’s not just an interesting product, it could be a leading indicator of something different, a different way to bring new silicon to market.” – Alasdair Allan


Slice Media Player and More

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“Slice is a Kickstarter to watch because it uses the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It’s an XBMC-based media player that includes a hard drive to store your media, so a network connection isn’t required. And of course, since it’s based on the Raspberry Pi, it’s quite open and hackable.” –Matt Richardson


The t-100 underwater thruster

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“The T100 is this classic story of a maker building something because he couldn’t find what he wanted. The company, Blue Robotics was founded because its creators wanted to build a surfboard robot, to send across the Pacific and collect data, but there was no appropriate thruster in their price range.” -Nathan Hurst


The SnapPiCam: A Raspberry Pi Camera

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Digital camera built around the raspberry pi.


Jim’s Retro Pinball Display

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“Jim has made the digital display for a pinball machine in a format that works for arduino. I don’t think there are a ton of people out there who will need this, but I support anything to keep pinball alive.” -Caleb Kraft


Edison: Fun robotics for tomorrow’s inventors

see on Kickstarter

“I love the idea of being able to plop lego on top of this. That and the price tag” – Caleb Kraft


TurtleTech Beginner Robotics System

see on Kickstarter
A simple and easy to program system for people to get into robotics.


Blacksmith Genesis: 3D printer and Scanner

“You can scan something then print it right out with one machine. Seems like this was going to be a trend a year or so ago but most people moved on from the scanning part. Maybe blacksmith does it well. Certainly worth a look.” – Caleb Kraft
Blacksmith on Indiegogo


Skate Crate: The Anti Scooter

see on Kickstrarter
“Absolutely fantastic imagery. I’d love to get one of these and put it together. That price tag is a bit painful though” -Caleb Kraft



Well, that’s all we’ve got for this week. Did we miss any? Let us know and we’ll include them next time if they campaign is still active!