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ROVs and Long Boards at Maker Faire Trondheim

Maker Faire Trondheim
This post is coming to you live from Maker Faire Trondheim being held in the town square here in Trondheim, Norway, all weekend.

Elektra, a group of high school electronics students from HiST Sør-Trøndelag University College here in Trondheim, brought two very different projects to the faire—an underwater ROV and a bunch of electric long boards. I talked with Håkon Haugen, the leader of the group, about the projects they brought to the Faire.

Talking to Håkon Haugen about the ROV and Long Boards

The Trondheim Maker Faire  is being held in the Trondheim town square today and tomorrow—the 29th and 30th of August—between 10am and 4pm and is free to attend.



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