One of the biggest points of stress for new sewers isn’t usually the actual sewing itself, instead, it’s often all of the things that MIGHT go wrong with the sewing machine. (Are you feeling anxious just thinking about it?) Well, fear not! Most of the sewing machine-related problems that beginners encounter are incredibly easy to correct, and they can help you get to know your machine better, which will, in turn, help you prevent even more problems in the future. So, before you chuck that cranky machine into the closet in despair, check out this helpful guide to 5 common sewing machine mistakes from Tilly at Tilly and the Buttons, and learn how to fix them.

2) The fabric is jiggling around like crazy
Lower your presser foot! The presser foot holds the fabric in place so you can stitch neatly, not freestyle.

Sewing machine pitching a fit? Stitches looking wonky? The sooner you click here, the sooner you’ll be back to stitching!