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How-To: Building a Raspberry Pi WiFi Controlled Car


When you don’t like what it is offered, make it yourself. At least that’s what German based maker Ingmar Staple did. When shopping for his niece and nephew, Ingmar was unimpressed with the selection of toys at toy stores. So, he decided to make one of his own. A Raspberry Pi WiFi radio controlled RC car, with a cardboard chassis.



After finishing the project, friends of Ingmar insisted he put together a How-To guide and share it. It’s divided nicely into 12 chapters, and includes lots of great information for building your own RC car. The project uses a short list of tools to build the cardboard part of the car which include glue, a hot glue gun, a carpet knife, scissors, a ruler, a pan, and a circle, and is simple to make.

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  1. Very cool project. In fact there is something some people I know to address this. It’s called the CoroBot Spark (www.corobot.net/spark) From what I understand, it’s about a couple weeks away from going to Kickstarter and it’s looking pretty cool! It is a Pi based robot with their own Pi Hat that has all the pins for everything you’d want plus the software to make it easy to program.

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