painted-snail-shell-1Photo: Julochka

If you’ve ever worried about the fate of one of your slimy, little, shelled friends, then you may want to help them out by giving their shell a flashy paint job, which according to Julija K. over at bored panda, could help save their lives!

To save these creatures from our boots, some compassionate people started to paint their shells. When these snails’ shells are colorfully painted, it’s hard to miss them crawling around. If you want to decorate your garden snails’ shells be sure to use non-toxic paint only, and try not to scare the snail too much or she may crawl out and leave her house behind!

painted-snail-shell-2Photo: Slinkachu

painted-snail-shell-3Photo: Stefan Siverud

painted-snail-shell-4Photo: Stefan Siverud

painted-snail-shell-5Photo: Stefan Siverud

If you’d rather use yarn than paint, you can also try to help your little mollusk mates by crocheting them a shell cozy!

[via Geyser of Awesome]