There are few rooms in our homes that need solutions to problems faster than the bathroom. From fixing your toilet to organizing your sink area, 3D printing can help keep your bathroom in working order.

The Shower

The shower is one of those places we go to escape the world and relax. As winter is approaching, a hot shower or soak in the tub can warm you back up and help you forget the cold outside. Printing custom organizers or a new shower head can help keep your shower a happy place. Of course, you can’t forget the rubber ducky to keep you company.

The Toilet

When your toilet breaks, an immediate solution is in order. Like many other things around the house, 3D printing replacement parts can make it easy to fix your toilet. A few printed toilet paper holders can also help add a little style to your bathroom.

The Sink

Our bathroom sinks are the multitaskers of the bathroom. Keeping them clean and organized are important.

Having Some Fun

If your kids have a bathroom – or if you are just a big kid yourself – why not consider a T-rex themed bathroom with all the accessories?

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