Bukito v2 3D Printer: Hackable, tweakable, and tinkerer-friendly.
Image by Brian Kaldorf.

Bukito v2 | deezmaker.com

  • Price as Tested $899 (kit)
  • Build Volume 140×150×125mm
  • Bed Style Unheated Garolite
  • Temperature Control? Yes
  • Materials PLA and Nylon 618
  • Print Untethered? MicroSD card, OctoPrint compatible
  • Onboard controls? Yes
  • Host Software Repetier-Host
  • Slicer Slic3r
  • OS Mac, Linux, Windows
  • Open Software? Third-party software
  • Open Hardware? CC BY-NC-SA design files “forthcoming”

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.43.42 PM copy

Wish it had a display? Use Marlin’s auto-start function for prints that begin from SD on startupa.
Portable, nylon-capable out of the box, tinkerer focused.

The Bukito is a fun and compact printer that’s so rigid and light, it can print in PLA or Nylon — upside down! It’s a perfect travel-size printer for demos and workshops. We like the large platform-leveling knobs, unique syncro-mesh timing belts, and rigid V-Slot extrusions. The all-metal hot end supports high-temperature printing, and it ships with a nylon-friendly Garolite platform.

In our tests, print performance in PLA was average. The great ratings for Accuracy and Backlash indicate a machine that’s well built and tuned, but these scores were outweighed by poor Overhang and Bridging scores. The optional cooling fan (absent on ours) could greatly increase the Bukito’s overall ranking.

For an uninitiated consumer, the software setup and lack of a slicing guide will be a little daunting, but experienced users won’t have any issues with the online documentation. The company’s lead engineer addressed many of our anonymous support questions personally.