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Knitted Morrissey Dolls


Morrissey can certainly be elusive when it comes to public appearances. Luckily, Kate Park has conjured a way to cuddle a little Morrissey of her own to her heart’s content by knitting herself these little Moz dolls.


She’s really captured some classic Moz poses in these clever glamour shots!


Although, Park just makes these dolls as a hobby, she’s received so many requests for them that she does post some of her dolls for sale, if you should discover that you can’t live without one.

[via Fannish Knits]

0 thoughts on “Knitted Morrissey Dolls

  1. Hi and thanks so much for featuring my dolls. In the past 18 hours I have been absolutely overwhelmed (I stopped counting at 90!) with enquiries for dolls – and I only had three up for sale! As you say, its just a hobby and I’m just one old girl with arthritic fingers! So please don’t contact me asking for a doll. I hope I’ll have time to sit down in my comfy chair and make another dolly or two after New Year. If I do, I’ll put them on my blog. thanks again. Kate Park (aka “Knitted Morrissey”)

    1. Actually, I fancy making a Frank Turner next. There’s a Knitted Character Folk Festival in June and I may not be able to resist. K

  2. These are truly fantastic what a way to leave a memory behind,You truly are an angel in disguise ,truly a gifted fantastic Artist ,I hope I see more of this wonderful art soon ,


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