Here’s a cool and very simple idea from DaveHax for how to make a pumpkin disco ball. A pessimist say that this pumpkin hack is being featured here a month too late. An optimist, however, would realize that this idea gives you well over 10 months to get one ready for October 31st, 2015!

As cool as this “disco ball” is, it’s actually quite simple to make, as seen in the video below. Just get a pumpkin, cut the top off, then take as much goop out as you can like you would when making a normal Jack-O-Lantern. Poke a bunch of holes in the side and the top, and hang it using the existing holes as anchor points for the cords that you use. Finally, insert a flashlight, or other light source, and you’ve got something that glows, or even blinks if your light has a strobe function.

As cool as this is, if you could get a bright RGB programmable LED to sit inside the pumpkin, things might be even more interesting. Random colors would, of course, be fun, but it could also be programmed to react if someone got near or touched it. Maybe some inspiration (or even code) for this idea could be gleaned from the IcosaLEDron programmable LED ball featured last month.