voltera v1

The Voltera V-One circuit printer, one of our favorite finds at CES this year, just launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter — and hit $100,000 in 35 minutes.

The Voltera system provides multiple capabilities: It will print the traces for your prototype circuit board (at 8mil space and trace), dispense solder paste to allow you to place SMD components on professionally manufactured boards, and provide heat for reflowing those electronics onto boards. And it prints multiple layers with a transparent ink.


The extruders on the system pop on and off with magnetic clasps, allowing for easy transitions between materials.


The hardware helps advance at-home circuit making, a largely homebrew activity that normally requires using etching chemicals or small CNC mills to create boards, and hacked toaster ovens to do reflow soldering.

Aside from being one of our favorite CES finds, Voltera won the TechCrunch “Hardware Battlefield” competition at the event, taking home a cool $50,000. They are Haxl8r product development alums, as well.

The Kickstarter page has the printer priced at $1499, and shipping January 2016.