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Lulzbot Skyrockets, Surprises With Early Taz 5 Release


Lulzbot surprised us this week with the announcement of their new iteration of their flagship printer, the Taz 5. Lulzbot claims that explosive growth has allowed them to release their new printer ahead of schedule. Our review of the Taz 4 was released as part of Make 42 in November, its high quality and feature set make it easy to see why customers flocked to Lulzbot at the end of last year.  Lulzbot has provided a chart outlining their sales for the past 3 years:


This new version features two major upgrades to the previous models.

For more on 3D printing, check out Make: Volume 42.  Don't have this issue? Get it in the Maker Shed.
For more on 3D printing, check out Make: Volume 42.
Don’t have this issue? Get it in the Maker Shed.
  1. Inclusion of their new Lulzbot Hexagon all metal hot end. With its ability to reach temperatures of up to 300ºC, the Hexagon allows users to print in a wider range of filaments than would be possible with lower temperature hot ends.
  2. New PEI bed surface for low maintenance and no further need for other bed coatings.

Both of these features are already included in the recently released Lulzbot Mini. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Lulzbot Mini review in a future issue of Make. The Taz 5 is available to order now for $2,194.95.

Lulzbot has also announced new partnerships with filament suppliers eSUN and Fenner Drives to bring a greater selection of filaments and colors to their customers. Notably, a new cleaning filament to help users transition between different materials and colors. This cleaning filament can also help purge the users’ extruder after printing with composite filaments that may have left particles behind inside the extruder.

We’ve got the Lulzbot Taz4 in our Maker Shed and we will have some Taz 5 units as soon as we can get our hands on them!



Matt is a community organizer and founder of 3DPPVD, Ocean State Maker Mill, and HackPittsburgh. He is Make's digital fabrication and reviews editor.

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