Lovely undergarments can cost pretty penny, so, next time you want to add a lacy little something to your lingerie drawer, why not hit your sewing room instead of a boutique? If you’ve always wanted to try making your own lace underwear, now’s your chance!

Thanks to the stretch in oversized elastic lace trim, sewing a pair of hipster or boy short-shaped panties that fit comfortably is actually incredibly easy. You can sew your own lace underwear in about 20 to 30 minutes (or faster, once you get the hang of it) with this easy-to-follow video tutorial from Annika at The Pineneedle Collective!

If you haven’t worked with wide elastic trim before, you’re in for a treat! When I’m sewing my own underwear, installing waistbands and elastic around the leg openings is always the hardest part. But, when I’m using the full width of the elastic trim, there’s no need to add that extra step because the top and bottom edges are already finished. It’s like sewing magic!

Now that you’ve sorted out underpants, maybe foundation garments are next on your list? Keep your skirts smooth and prevent that dreaded upward bunching with this better-than-a-slip custom tap pants tutorial right here on Make: CRAFT!