You could go to any big-box establishment and buy something to store food and such, but what about something creative that you can make yourself? Here are six excellent ideas to “spice up” your kitchen and food storage with a little DIY flair!



Are you a little tight on storage in your kitchen, but have a gap between your fridge and the wall? This simple solution uses wood and casters to create a slide-out pantry in that unused space.



If you’d like to declare both your dedication to science, and that you think peppercorn is a more noble spice than salt, this magnetized periodic table spice rack may be for you. Blended spices go where some of the more exotic materials go on the “traditional” table, which seems to make sense in my mind.



Another take on the Periodic Table of Spaces takes a slightly different approach to organization but looks oh so very good. It is a bit more involved than the magnetic one above, but the extra effort pays off in the end.



If you have a 3D printer, here are some excellent items that you can dial up on your extruder. There is a plethora of things to be printed there, including storage solutions like the spice rack pictured above. This, of course, wouldn’t replace the previously mentioned “periodic table,” but sometimes simplicity is best!




If you’re of the appropriate age and enjoy adult beverages, having the ability to store a keg at your house would certainly be interesting. If you construct it yourself (separately from imbibing), as shown in this Instructables article featuring a double-tap design, all the better!



If you like to take dishes to events, but need them to stay warm, this clever idea turns a wool sweater into a “potluck cozy,” similar to a casserole carrier that you may have seen for sale. Alternatively, the design’s inspiration of using old towels to keep dishes warm could be a good option in a pinch!